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You’ll find all the resources you need to get started in the kitchen on this page. I’ve created some documents with my friends at the Home Baking Association that will help you assess skill levels, and determine what age ranges are best suited for specific tasks. Also, I’ve got a handy glossary for cooking terms if any of them seem unfamiliar to you.

Let's Get Started!

Cooking Glossary

I still encounter cooking terms I don’t know, especially with recipes from other countries. So don’t be afraid to look something up! This glossary is in The Cultured Chef, but if you don’t have it… here you go!

Measurement Chart

This handy guide has measurement conversions listed for your convenience, plus some information about ingredient substitutions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run to the pantry only to discover I’m out of something.

International Shopping

I am a huge fan of taking kids to international markets. They’ll learn about diversity, and they’ll get over their fear of trying new things pretty quickly. Everything is a new sight or smell at the international market!

Skill Levels

This is such a great document because it outlines all of the kitchen tasks that are generally associated with your child’s age level. Clearly, every child is different, but this is a good resource for making an initial assessment.