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I understand the problem with many books introducing children to world culture is that there is potential for a one-dimensional portrayal of the cultures represented. I’ve tried to squeeze as much material as possible into The Cultured Chef, but there is always room for continued study. Here are a few worksheets you can use as conversation starters.

Let's Get Started!

Child Slavery

This worksheet focuses on the Restavec system in Haiti, but educators can use this opportunity to discuss factors that might impact one’s quality of life anywhere in the world. (Income, access to natural resources, politics, etc)

Family Traditions

Learning about culture and traditions is easier for children to comprehend if they first engage in conversation about their own culture and traditions. Children will then be better prepared to identify similarities and differences in ways of life around the world.

Map Skills

“X” marks the spot! Children are subjected to the concept of maps and spacial distancing from an early age through literature, television and their own observances. Use this simple worksheet to branch off into your own map activities.


We constantly use landmarks in our daily lives, whether we are flying airplanes or walking to the local market. This worksheet compares different types of landmarks from around the world, and circles back to find relevance in the student’s life.